Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping it real.

Went to work today for two classes and then off to the oncologist.  SO here is the nitty gritty. 
On April 11th I will begin  a 24 week chemo/radiation series.  I will begin will chemo.  1 every three weeks for The plan is to start on a Thursday (wednesday the first time) with a 5 hour coctailOchemo then I have the honor of return to the site for an injection to increase my white blood cell counts the next day.  21'2 week rest and we do it again.  I could get up and go get the medication list but that would require me to ----Get up so--maybe tomorrow. I will be bald by week 3.   The way I am choosing to look at this is that I will be doing chemo and rad. for far less time than a pregnancy.  I will have many of the same side effects minus the hair.  

Bumps:  well today was bumpy- my skin itches very badly, yet if I scratch or rub it at all it burns-I don't want anything touching me!  I am kind of scared and sad.  Both boys did not have good showings at the ball park so means it is a moody baseball evening in the home--I am just trying to take cover.

Battles:  Hey, it is happening, the hard part is starting soon.  It was a hard day,  It is hard to hear everything that is going to happen to you in detail.  Oh and reconstruction has to wait for a very long time.

Blessings:  I may have to dig a little deeper today-
John had a good day on the mound
Got some very sweet emails from students today
Got to speak to a man who is really fighting for his life and all I wanted to do was hug him.  That is when it hit me---oh heck- I am fighting too!
This one will be silly but I had just enough time to get the food for the baseball kids in the oven, and to the field before the game started- did not think I would make it.
I am humbled by peoples kindness.

I am going to try to sleep tonight-- hopefully my attitude will be much improved tomorrow- seriously this emo stuff is depressing.

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  1. Prayers out to you today and for the next few months. My best advice to get through this (without thinking your losing your mind) is to journal how you are feeling (physically and emotionally) every day. You will find that your side effects have a pattern (day 1, tired, day 2 nausea, day 3 insomnia, etc.) knowing the pattern helps you prepare yourself with meds (there are meds available for all of your side effects). Use this time to rest and wallow in His love and the love being showered on you by all your family, friends and students.