Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here is is..A little late on the posting tonight because I needed to make myself a tasty  treat and didn't get home from baseball till a little late.  So here goes-

All in all a good day- with the exception that I was a complete blonde today.  Drove all the way to my appointment with my plastics guy only to  realize that I left my purse at school.  Such a blonde.  Actually, I was in a hurry and got my papers to grade while I waited, the ipad to input grades but the idea to have a licence while driving or an ID for medical did not cross my mind.  I feel like I have the pregnancy forgetfulness syndrome.

Here is a funny- My plastics guy's name is Kevin Chen.  He is from Salem OH.  Not far from Lordstown OH.  We laughed for a while when I inappropriately asked- "Salem, really Salem- home of the fighting Quakers (which is its own joke), There is no Asian population in Salem."  I knew I would like him because he popped back with "  I know it is a South Park episode in the making- My dad is the OBGYN and the other Asian family  the Wong's run the Chinese restaurant"; I paused for a while and said so the Korean family run the Chinese restautant?  He laughed hysterically and said yes but it was Salem - They just know we are Asian.
He was really good and young.  This surgery is kind of scary.  I am not sure why anyone who did not have to would subject themselves to it.  That surgery will not happen until after I have been though Chemo.  So I have a break-It will be at least a 6 week recovery period.

My Three B's

Bumps:  Found out I only  13 have sick days.  Major illness put such stress on a families income.  This is something that is going to stress Doug completely out.  Insurance doesn't cover 4 dollar gas to a doctors office that is miles away, tolls to get there, and then parking.  Every visit is going to be a least 15 dollars before I have walked in the door.
Battle:  Oh this one is funny because it is all about humility.  I am going to have a battle with self confidence and I was made very aware of this when I am having pictures of me being taken for reference during surgery.  As the snap shots were being taken in front of 1 student doctor and a nurse-doc here is explaining that he has to take this because your weight is not displaced the same while laying down as if I was unaware.  So very uncomfortable.  Pretty sure I have seen where these things go when they are not contained.  SO AWKWARD.

Blessings:  John's baseball team has ribbons on the batting helmets, my room was decorated today, they let me see the surgeon today despite not having id.  I am surrounded by praying people. I got a nap and was able to get all the food prepped for Varsity grill tomorrow.  Got a beautiful letter from a dear friend and a card from a great family in San Diego.  Had a nice chat with a student tonight and was able to solidify that I am not strong- I am strong because of where I get my strength.

I am uncomfortable having attention placed on me- I am not the only one going through this and I am willing to wear my emotions on my sleeve.  The good ones, the bad ones, the mean ones, and the vulnerable ones.  They are all there.   I am working on a Saturday sermon so get ready.  today though- I am glad that God promised trials, for through trials comes perseverance and perseverance builds character and with that there is hope- and that is what I have.

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