Sunday, March 4, 2012

So yesterday, I was doing that pre-birth cleaning obsessive thing.  Somehow in my mind, the house just can't be ready for me not to be able to clean it (appropriately).  I realize that I have very capable men at my house that are responsible enough to see filth but there is a very clear difference between mom clean and man clean. Since I couldn't sleep I got everything done, hit home depot and fixed some things that needed to be fixed, planted an herb garden (small one), and around 5 was feeling a little depressed that this was going to be how I spent what might possibly be my last weekend with boobs.  It kind of caught me off guard, truly sad.  For the next 6 months, possibly longer- I am going to have the chest of a 6 year old girl.  HOW DEPRESSING.  I started to mope around, feeling sorry for myself and Doug decided that we would go down to universal.  They have a free concert every Saturday night.  Tonight is was the goo goo dolls.  Thank goodness it was not last week I would have seen Boys to Men.  The concert was good, but sitting and doing a little people watching at city walk was even better.  I was almost tempted to create a new foto album for what should never be worn out--EVER.  I am pretty aware of my body.  I know that I am not a svelt super model type (never have been).  I have always been a big boned girl shall we say.  So from experience, I know what  girls of girth should not wear.  Do they not have any friends?  I can excuse the Euros becasue they are after all on vacation and well, from Europe.  So all the white capri, white shoe, skin tight deep V neck purple t-shirt  gentlemen- You are excused.  But, anyone who has lived stateside for 2 weeks should not be caught dead in leather pants and a torn t-shirt and a black sequin bra showing through- oh with TOMS and I love my TOMS.  At least wear some sexy stilettos. It was a good time.  A margarita or two and a delicious sushi snack later and we were heading home.  All of that to say that the day ended well- but you can understand why I may not have posted yesterday.

SO today I am giving you the 3B for two days.

bumps:  I am starting to have a hard time, a really hard time letting go of something I did not think I was attached to.  I know that it is the right decision and actually the only logical one but- Going back to being 6 again is going to be tough.  

Battle:  Aside from having to be type A compulsive about organizing medical information, I am ready to get this started.  I need to learn how accept help a little.  Again it goes back to I take care of people- not the other way around.  That is going to be really tough.

Blessing:  Pink, Pink everything.  I still am amazed at the outpouring of pink at school.  SO blessed.  I have had a friend write me two letters.  I am going to spend a lot of time talking about this friend soon, so Heather, God put us together at an AP class years ago.  We only spent 4 days in class together and yet God has provided me with truly a friend who is grounded in his word and a blessing for years,  You are proof that HE is in control of every situation, everyday, and that He cares for us.  Lori, 3 words- I love you!  The house is clean- even the gout in the bathrooms.  I am rested.  Tomorrow I am planning, planning planning,  Students beware- you will be able to take my class online- so no excuses (not literally because you are still minors so you need a sitter to make sure you stay on task) still no excuses. I am blessed.  God is working on me and I know that He has placed special people for special purposes along my life for just this occasion.  Much love to all

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  1. You're amazing. I'm laughing, crying, nodding my head in TOTAL agreement about the "people watching", and growing in my walk because of you. You are such a Godly woman, so down to earth, not the LEAST bit shy, but so very humble, & I miss you very much. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time with you out here, even tho it was for a short period in our lives. (We STILL have Vondle beat for volume!) Know we're praying for you & wish we could be there to help. We are there in spirit, and faith. BTW, it's what's on the inside, NOT the outside, so 6 year old be damned. Armed & ready sister...go get 'em. Much love...