Sunday, April 1, 2012

great service today!

Oh my church was great today.  I went by myself since Doug and the boys were at a spring training game.  I then went to stock up on food at Sams.  I then spent the entire afternoon working in the yard and I am pooped!  The sun felt so good on my skin but that darn drain needs to come out, still way to much fluid coming out for them to remove it. It felt good to be in the sun.  I swear I am a lizard.  I have to blog early tonight because I know I will shower and then crash.  OHH which brings me to a huge blessing.  Last night I slept on my right side.  now I generally sleep on my left side but the whole pins and needles thing still- that is not going to happen but I am off my back and it feels wonderful.  

Yesterday, I went to the school to get trained on how to submit all forms having to do with college enrollment.  Then I slept for most of the afternoon.  I did get most of my chores done, watched the buckeyes lose and then went back to bed.

SO you see my daily life is still daily and mundane.

bumps:  oh I get tired so fast

battles:  I will not be beach bound this summer- I love the ocean.  I would give my left breast to take a walk at ponto, swami's,moonlight, cardiff or any of those beaches about now.  Oh wait-I can't do that because it is gone- still.   A nice walk on the beach always put things into perceptive.

I had some delicious soup and salad for lunch provided by Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Woodall
The word wallow-  I wallowed in God's warm sunshine and His word-  It feels good.
My cat and dog:  they just hung out with me in the back yard today.  They are funny to watch. 

 It is palm Sunday. more than any season in the year this by far is my favorite.  Easter is the culmination of the most epic story.   He knew what was coming, and still he rode in on the donkey, and told the naysayers "nope"- "Even if I were to tell the people to stop honoring me and praising (and he could have made them)- Creation would cry out because He was, is and forever will be God.  The pastor today said something very interesting today which I have been thinking about.  We tend to always follow the loudest voice.  The person that yells the loudest or has the biggest crowd but the people who waved the branches and honored Christ-got it right.  They worshiped, not the leaders on their soap boxes, but the King on the donkey.  Ironically , they would get it all wrong the following week but, there is the frailty of the human mind.

I personally related this to the voices screaming in my head.  The one that says- "you are not strong enough". "you will fail" and the one that says "you have lived a good life and this is how God repays you".  I must remember to say Hosanna (O save me) to they only one who can and already has.  I must silence those voices long enough to hear the quiet voice of my savior that says- "you are strong enough because I am your strength you are not going to fail because I have already won, I did not make this happen to you but I love you enough to trust that everything you do will be for my glory, and child you are NEVER alone".  

Note it is in red  because that is what Jesus said for all of you KJ version people

We all worship something,  Sometimes it is money, sometimes it is notoriety, and sometimes we just worship ourselves.  I hope and pray that I am a reflection of Christ.  I pray that my life be so transparent that God must be seen because He is "my all in all".  I challenge you this week to in a time of crises- you cry out to the Savior on the Donkey and say "hosanna" and praise the one who can help you.

I really am blessed, so blessed to have such great friends!

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  1. Amen. And Amen. I see Jesus in you little sister. He is radiant in you.