Saturday, March 17, 2012

SO I have now had my "dates" with my boys.  John and I enjoyed a meal and an even tastier dessert, Steven and I (as seen on facebook) projected ourselves 100;s of feet in the air. and Doug and I enjoyed our favorite trendy sushi joint.  I feel confident that they know my feelings for them and where I see them in the future.  Each of them is so special in their own way.  For fear of public embarassment for my children I will only mention a few things per person so that all of you will know what makes our family o dinamic.  
John:   God's heart- you truly see the best in people. You are empathetic, I value your insight.
Steven:  Quiet, humble servant who has true emotional maturity.  You are able to accept people right where they are and can see past any fault.
Doug:  You have provided so well for our family, not only your income but more importantly your time.  The hours you have dedicated for our betterment is too be commended.   Very few people would dedicate themselves to anything  as you have to us-

 I had a productive day but an emotional evening:

Bumps:  March madness- my brackets are CRAP!  Seriously-I know this means nothing to many of you but- my brackets are worthless.
Battles: I am out of time-yep that is it-  tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday morning is the surgery and let the cage fight begin- round one.  Regardless-I am out of time-  If it needed to get done- it probably will not.  For those of you wondering- Doug will be staying with me until I come to and everything is OK- then he will go watch the boys.

Blessings:  Lori Chepke, really..seriously... you are by far the most genuinely kind person.  I do not know of anyone who does not have a little venom running through their veins except for you.  Chris is the luckiest man alive and your two beautiful children are so blessed. I feel like to most special person on the world because you are my  friend.  
My mom and dad- who are here with me now.  There is nothing better than being with family.  I am my mother's daughter-  It is quite humorous to see us clean a bathroom.  Toothbrushes beware- we will use you to clean-with bleach- and elbow grease.  
If you do not have facebook you would not know that my eldest-Steven- did the most awesome thing today. He noticed when he woke up that I was stressed, he immediately started cleaning the man cave (he cleans like me) vacuumed, laundry but then he took the comforters to the laundry mat to do there.  I can rest confidently that my house will be in order.
Again to all who amuse me with text along the way- they mean the world to me. 
last one:  tomorrow is Sunday- time to refresh spiritually- it can't come soon enough

Isn't it good to know that God is never far away.  That we don't have to wait till Sunday- He is our constant source of help.  Isn't it good to know that we don't have to schedule and appointment with Him.  24-7 He is with us!

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