Thursday, March 22, 2012

day 3

Day three is what it is- I have always thought day two was the worst.  I was wrong.  Today, I hurt.  But it is a good type of hurt.  I am itchy and I can''t reach where it itches.  I am swollen but that is to be expected.  At least the pins-and-needles feeling in gone from my left hand.  I am still draining quite a bit from the left jpdrain not so much from the right.   I suppose that is to be expected since I lost my nymph nodes and all that fluid is looking for somewhere else to go.  

I know that it may sound gross but-I am fascinated with our body and how wonderfully it heals itself.  I don't get grossed out by much so if you get queasy easily you may want to skip down to blessings.  I am being held together with glue.  There is and I measured 18 inches of incision from under my arms to center line and I am glued together.  Aside from the surgical wire that is holding my drains in it is all glue.  Amazing right?  Very clean. Very little scabbing or rough edges.  I am really fascinated by all of it.  What I do want to know is what exactly is coming out of my drains.  I know there is some blood, some water, but it looks like oil and vinegar mixing (think consistency). To my doctor friends - Is tissue coming through?  What are the strands of solid tissue? Again, You may think I am weird but I love that kind of stuff.  These are the times when I think- How can you deny a "supreme creator"   Everything works perfectly together and knows exactly what to do. Every cell is designed to do a designed task.  It is really breath taking.

bumps"  I really hurt today.  Hydrocodone is just not quite enough but I do not want to take anything thing stronger.  I feel good, but I just hurt.  Frustrating. 

battles:  My battle is that I feel well enough but pain is frustrating.  Wanting to do and not being able to because of pain is frustrating to me.  I don't like being weak or even appearing weak and yet it is a place that I am going to have to get comfortable.  The reality is that frailty is a blessing.  It is a way to show us where we can improve and it makes us dig deep into out faith.  What I am learning is that my faith does not waiver, but I have so much more to learn.  I think God has a lot to teach me and in my weakness He is able to do just that.

Blessings:  Again- having my mom and dad at the house is so relaxing.  Aunt Jo came to the house today and I cooked lunch. It felt good to be in the kitchen.  (We had tilapia sauted in a key lime oil and a mango chutney.)  I miss the baseball games but thanks to game changer I get to see play by play.   I took a short walk (about a mile) in glorious weather.  I enjoyed quiet by the pool in the morning and in the late afternoon. Hydrocodone is a blessing right now.  Basketball on TV.  But the blessing that made me truly cry today was that at 10"00- The doorbell rang and there was a BEAUTIFUL display of white roses with purple spring flowers from MARISSA!  Marissa- if you are  reading.  you are a true gift from God.  Do not settle on anything or anyone other the the perfection God has in store for you.  You are a blessing to so many people! So do not change EVER!  And thank you!

Once again- if we take the time to think about our day- we will always have more blessings that we can remember.  Here is a challenge to you.  Make a conscious effort to think of the good.  Every perfect gift comes from above.


  1. Wondering what your drains drain into? Bags, bandages? Like you, I have a curious nature. Wonder if cold packs, not ice packs, would help alleviate your discomfort? Has anyone at all discussed lymph-edema with you? You need to get a plan of treatment for that.
    Jeez Louise!! Tomas is sneezing up a storm in the studio downstairs and there was just a major cat fight on my deck! Neighbor just called to see if he can install my new RED door tomorrow. I'm being serious here folks.

    1. they did tell me all about lymphedema and they drain into bulbs- look just like a turkey baster. so bizarre. Serious questions indeed

  2. Isaiah 40:31
    Stay strong...the pain will dissipate. Amazing things our Lord has created our bodies to do, & overcome!
    I liked Jacqueline's advice about the cold packs instead of ice (too sensitive!)...those seemed to help my mom. Clean extra such thing as too much alcohol on the ends of the drainage tubes! Our family would love updates on the tourney, if you're so inclined. You're an inspiration ~ God bless you, Liesa.

    1. They did not do so well in the tournament hut they did have a good time- Steven went 6-10 so that is good but he did not feel like he did his best. I did not get so many details.

  3. Thank you Liesa fo keeping us posted. I love you candid facination with all things medical. About a year and a half ago I had multiple lymph nodes removed just above my left breast. That area still has its sore days. This years mammogram made me hurt for days. I say that to say lymphedema is not fun to deal wieh; your case being much more serious that mine. However, while you are being forced to rest, you might want to peruse the website: Tersa Tapp has a really good grasp on the lympahtic system and exercises which restore. Her book, "Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes a Day" describes her journey from cancer research, to the model and fitness industry to discovery of the forming of her T-Tapp system. Now I would not have bought a book by the title had I not had a friend, now a t-Tapp trainer, who lost over 100 pounds and has gone from a size 22 to a 4/6 and kept in off now for 5 years. More important than the weight loss has been rehabilitation of her knees and overall health.- Just some food for thought... Love and prayers from me!