Wednesday, March 28, 2012

tomorrow I go back to work---for one day

So today I pulled the bone headed move of the day. 

Suposed to meet with the oncologist today at 1:30 and some how I transposed the numbers and believed it was at 3:10.  At least I realized this before I drove all the way there.  Very upset with myself today.  I took out my frustration on the dog and went for a three mile walk.  On a good side, I baked some cookies (of course- I went on a three mile walk), and finished the meal for Friday night for the baseball team.  Did the laundry, so overall it was a productive day but I am tired and I am really wanting some shoulder flexibility.  Here are BBB for the last two days-  hang on tight because I already took my pain management meds so there is no telling where this blog will end up.

Bumps: NO and I repeat no range of motion in the shoulder.  This coming from a swimmer- not having shoulder rotation is awful.  Trying to figure out what to wear.  I have been dressing a big busted woman for years.  I have always been proud of my set and now-  I am at clothes stores- completely lost.  Friends if you are on the flatter side--HELP!  

Battles:  Yep-the emotional roller coaster.  Don't get me wrong- I tend to live there anyway but, now-whoa nelly, totally out of control.  I was calm when I missed an appointment (rare for me), and cried in target when I couldn't figure out what kind of shirt to buy.  It doesn't help that I can't raise my arms above parallel to ground.  Makes pulling on t-shirts quite difficult.  If there is a dressing room monitor at target- they could have posted on you tube and got a million hits with the maneuvers I had to preform to get a shirt off- just ridiculously funny.  For your entertainement- imagine having to use the following tools to help remove a t-shirts; a hanger, socks (more flexible) and contortion of the upper body sans arms.  

I got a scripture message from a dear friend right as I was limping out of the dressing room at target.   To be strong and courageous.  Needless to say- I cried.

A lovely fruit basket that is now gone from the Tarchick's and yes, Johnny- I shared- but not the chocolate.  A note about this family:  We were meant to be friends forever.  Our dear friends in Lordstown Ohio.  Many margarita nights and just lovely friends- our lives would not be the same without them.  I love you guys.

I got a hair cut- and I mean a haircut- super short- at least when I go to school tomorrow the attention will be on my hair not my lackOboobs.  Kate (my hairdresser) was super strong yet I cried the entire time.  It was just a new cut today- she will cry with me when she shaves my head.  A very cool girl-

I had delicious dinner provided by the Hoffman family-  estaba delicioso pero se ha acabado.

I am definitely looking forward to work tomorrow.

By God's grace I grow stronger everyday, my frailties are evident but hopefully I am showing everyone around me that- 
My weakness does not show weakness it shows God's strength.

Be blessed everyone!


  1. You are a blessing, truly. Riding the roller coaster with you sweetie. Love you.

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