Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hasta la vista baby

Yep they are gone.  The sentinel node exam at 7:30, and then I waited in the ambulatory center until about 10:30.  On e they took me back and I watch as a army of people went about their day.  Surgery started at around 2:30 and ended at around 5.   It did take me a long time to come to though.  I am just now feeling like I am myself. So, here is the skinny.   

Both breast- gone
lymph nodes on the left side gone
port in - check

yep everything that was to be don today is done.

I am feeling relieved ( I am sore, very sore) so very relieved.  I go all in on things so I am all in and lets get the plan of action going.  It appears that I will be doing some Radiation (bummer) and some chemo.  I have not spoken with the surgeon but may family has and they have relayed the information to me.  Seriously don't know know much I would gather since I have and incredible morphine cocktail swimming through my veins.

Bumps:  Sore, it is temporary.  I think I have mooned everyone on the wing.  I don't like feeling like I can't stay awake or focus

Battle:  I am not nearly as hideous as I thought.  The whole self conscious thing is already kickin in-

blessing:  I know that the four corners of the globe lifted me up today because I could feel them.
Great nurses, doctors and staff.  The were courteous even gracious.  They did not walk on egg shells around me .  They were exactly what I needed.  
I know there are many more- but I cant keep my eyes open any more.


  1. It so good to know the surgery went well, Praise the LORD! I am a little surprised you're already posting but knowing you, a brave ana strong woman, I truly admire you! Will continue praying for you and your family. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Praise the Father! And you sound like yourself...Global prayer continuing...I'm only a phone call away--no task is too small. Loving you and admiring you each moment.

  2. RELIEVED to hear you are through the worst part. AMAZED you are already thinking of those who are praying and keeping us updated. STRENGTHENED by your faith. You are LOVED!