Monday, March 19, 2012

less than 12

Oddly enough, I am not nervous now.  2 hours ago, well that was a different story.   This afternoon I was injected with a radioactive isotope  (I really did not like chemistry-and I am pretty sure I misspelled that) but the only warning I received was stay away from very young children. So I am one hot mama.  I bet magneto could find me right now in cerebro (xmen reference).  It came to my attention that a way to control pest is to sterilize them (radioactively) -so if they get up and move- they can't reproduce somewhere else.  Not kill them-just make sure they cannot procreate.  WOW- that is what is happening to me- sadly I would not be able to attract the opposite sex anyway since I will be missing the-"headlights". For my theologian friends (and family), I give  you one of my many questions for God.  Humans are, from a purely scientific perspective, mammals, so why is it that we are the only ones whose breast do not dissipate after we have weened our off-spring?  Don't tell me it is the apple that we convinced you to eat.  Surely, he enjoys a good laugh.  Don't say cows- because they have to be injected with steroids to keep producing milk.  Did I just compare myself to a cow and a bug, even though I can be pesky, I might have thought that one through.

Bumps:  not being able to sleep- but tomorrow I will be out/under for 3 hours.  That should count for something.

Battle:  pesty self confidence coming into play.  I think that is what makes this one hard.  I have really never struggled with self confidence.  Why is so much attention on our tatas?  Why should it matter?  They really don't define me...but I have been carrying them around for 30 plus years.  Talk about baggage!

Blessings:  I feel the presence of God walking with me.  I feel the comfort of so many people praying for me.  I got the message tonight that SFC baseball wore pink for me today.  2400 miles away and you guys can still make me cry.  I love you all.  Kelly Raines- the food was delish!

Love you all.  Will post as soon as the hillbilly heroine (Oxycontin) kicks  in tomorrow.