Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day of rest

That is what Sunday is for and I pretty much did it today.  Aside from general cleaning, yep I moved in slow motion.  Even, walking the dog was at a much different pace.  Sunday service, always good.  Dinner was fabulous.  My family loved it.  I am kind of shocked that I don't feel worse.  I was expecting much, much worse.  And I am trusting that I will stay steady for this illness is doable.  It is so good to have my family around.  
Tomorrow, I see the physical therapist and to deal with some coiling in my right arm and then I get a nuelasta shot.  This is the one that is supposed to make your long bones hurt.  Really, what kind of side effect is that.  Couldn't come up with a better ailment.  How about, lets make your right pinky finger twitch along with some ear canal drip.  

Bumps:  Still tired
Battles:  still tired
Blessings:  Church with mom, dad, Doug, and Steven and John. Going to bed early.  I have great boys. Lysol spray has been strategically placed all around the house.  Wow, it was a very slow day.  I have so many good things to say about service today but, I am still processing so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

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