Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alright so last nights blog, even if truthful was sad and depressing and that is not what I want to show you. Agreed those of you who know me know that a simple pleasure is a great cup of coffee and to not handle the smell of coffee is poetic justice.  Today i am feeling much better, the bone ache is down tremendously (hips still hurt) but everything else is tolerable.  Nausea- well lets say I tried peppermint tea today and that seemed to keep me "settled".  I planted some peppermint earlier this year so, I see me using this plant ferociously.  

Your words of encouragement on facebook last night were amazing.  I truly do not stand alone.  I can feel each of you holding my hand through this trip.  I have true pray warriors on my side as well.  Thank you!

It is Thursday- so if I can make it through one more day I will have worked the entire week!  OK- that may not be impressive for you, but I think it is, and I am going to take my victories where I can get them.  I feel bad for my dog though, he has not left my side and I just can't make myself take him for a walk.  I feel asleep at 4:30.  slept till 7 and I am pretty sure I will be out by 9.

bumps:  I am going to fall behind on grading.  Us teachers generally spend a good 2 hours everyday grading but mine is spent in bed.  Maybe, we will be doing more in class assignments.

Battles;  I know this is repetitive but you poster child for ADHD has NO ENERGY.

Blessings:  If we dig, really dig, it is in our weakness that God not only showers us with grace  but provides EXACTLY what we need.  Make it clear, not what we want but what we NEED.  I cannot tell you enough how ridicously awesome my students are.  They have not skipped a beat, still rambunctious and fun but they know where there line is and they are not crossing it.  Such a blessing to know that I can leave the class, yack, come back and they are still working.  (many dont even notice).  I don't know if you are aware but I had to change rooms this last summer and I was kind of upset that I got put on the backburner (corner) of the campus but now- so happy- I am right next to the bathroom.

Steven hit a home run tonight-deep center field- of course I missed it but- he has worked so incredibly hard and it just shows that perseverance and hard work pay off.

Some friends  gave me a drink called FRS-  provides just the right balance for energy, just have to time them right.  

I will close with a quote that I am stealing off of my aunts facebook post and a song that I have been singing all day.  I do think that if I continually praise that is where my heart will be.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ― Lao Tzu

I know that I am being changed.  Sometimes that is incredibly painful, sometimes it is not. I love how God is gentle, even when the change is drastic even violent,  May I be changed!  It is your will not mine.

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  1. I love you deeply. You are truly a servant and ministering to so many through your blogs and attitude and honesty. I would love to give you a big ol' hug right now.