Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viernes, Viernes

So tomorrow they decide to keep me or not.  So I am thinking- do I pack a bag or not. I would rather quite honestly be there.  I can't see things that need to be done nor do I have to remember to take medication.  They do that for me. 
Today I had 3 big accomplishment- I showered, cooked dinner and got myself connected to the school.  To which I promptly sent out emails to parents with a misspelled word.  Crazy.  That is it.  I feel asleep outside in the sun, under a blanket in Florida.  Yes to most it would be hot but to me it was wonderful.  I soaked up a lot of vitamin D.  May I recommend that everyone get some.  Not the kind you get in a bottle, or a jug a milk.  No the real stuff- from the sun!  My day was really uneventful.

Bumps: Really going to miss seeing my boys play baseball tomorrow night, but even more I am going to miss serving them their pregame meal.  Fajitas. I really enjoy that.

Battles:  I have no thermometer it seems.  I have seating and chills.  No in between. Still the whole weakness thing.

Blessings:  I was able to sleep a lot today.
God provided just enough energy to get things I wanted to do done.  Dinner and a shower- not high expectations but more than I though I could do.
My chicken and dumplings was really good tonight if I do say so myself.  I never use recipes so you never know.
I had a lot of very encouraging words today.  
I am so incredibly at peace and not nervous today- it definitely is a God thing.

This is what I ponder- I don't know what the future holds and it is OK.  I know I am getting weaker everyday and that is OK because I will never be to weak to pray.  This bothers some people.  I have had friends/students/unknown people say- How would a God so full of love like you say let this happen to you.  You are a good person..WHY?  
My response today is a little more in- your face (more like me).  It is easy, maybe, juuuuusttt maybe, it is because of you.  Maybe you are supposed to see God through me.  Maybe I am a reflection of Him.  Maybe I go through this- so you will see the wonderful characteristics of my God through me.  Crazy thought right.  God did not pick or single me out to have breast cancer, but he did trust me to bring him glory.  For all my nay-sayers----this is for you.  God loves you so much that he trusted me to show you His characteristics.  You see it is not about me.  hopefully you will take notice.

quote of the day- stolen from a status (I will not tell a lie)

Lo que no puedas resolver hablando hazlo orando, lo que no puedas solucionar de pie hazlo de rodillas, porque Dios hará por tí lo que tu no puedas hacer.

What you can't resolve for yourself, resolve it by praying, what you can't resolve standing, do it by kneeling because God will do for you what you are not able to.

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  1. Again, you are a blessing. As a writer, I feel repetitive, yet the truth must be told.

    You are a blessing.