Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today was fabulously splendid.  So many well wishers, gifts, treats and just an overall chill day.  I knew was going to be great because of the showering of birthday cards I received from perfect strangers over the last 5 or six days.  I have never in my life received so many birthday cards.  Heather- you are the BOMB.  Thank you for being such a godly woman who makes things happen.
I wish I could be descriptive enough to give you a clear picture of my day.  It started with cake.  Yes, cake is for breakfast.  It was a delicious carrot cake.  Along with that I was showered with gifts and cards.   The students actually let me teach  The future perfect is not that fun.  "Para el proximo agosto habre venicido el cancer."  Whether they understood it or not, they made me believe the did.  Johnathan, hit an in the park home run.  Alright sports fans.....that is big.  In the park home run- no over through, no errors just a pop to left center fence.  Easter was fantastic.  I love to see the church at capacity and once again the sermon was dead on.  i love when  a salvation message is preached on Easter.  Seriously, why would you preach anything else. It had been a long time since I had recited the Apostles Creed and concentrated on what I was reciting.---love---love--love,

 Alrighty-then, lets get on with the 3 b's

bumps: so frustrated that my left arm does not have full mobility and I still have spots of numbness surrounded by spots of pins and needles.  It is awkwardly painful, especially when clothing or anything for that matter touches it.  I have an appointment with a physical therapist with lymphatic specialties next Monday.  Also, I still have a drain.  The output does not seem to be going down.  Alright prayer warriors here is my request.  Pray that both of these things will be removed before chemo starts.  Drain removed and arm in good condition by Friday 9:00- I believe God can make it happen.

Battles:  Nerves, nerves, and nerves-  I am starting to get nervous about how my body will react to all the chemo drugs and all the ones I have to take to treat the side effects of chemo.  My lymphatic system is going to be on overdrive.  My stomach is already in knots.  Another is to stay focused in the classroom.  Talk about having to run the race through the finish line.  whew- I gotta teach!

Blessings.  I am going to mention a particular student.  I had this student 3 years ago.  Quiet, sat in the back of the room, only speaks when spoken too.  We shared a love of good paella.  His Spanish was beautiful when he spoke.  He sent me a birthday message that said -cumpleanos feliz hermosa. - those 3 words made my day.  I am not feeling so pretty and he called me beautiful- not in a creepy way.  He may never know what he did  for me. It is amazing how God will use one word from an unexpected person to remind you of His sovereignty.  I love my job. I get paid to teach but I get to love on kids everyday and surprisingly enough they love me back. 
I spoke to a friend for a very long time last night.  Well, we texted, but it is pretty much the same thing.  Friendship, true friendship is never wasted.  My only hope is that they feel as blessed as I do to have such a wonderful friendship.
It is my birthday- that is blessing enough.  But, I had so many facebook messages.  No way I can respond to all.
Did I mention my students (victoria and mom), brought me a carrot cake for breakfast.  again, cake is for breakfast.

In all seriousness, the atmosphere on campus was festive for my birthday but, somber.  One of my dear ones, lost her father last night.  This man fought.  He was a devoted father and godly man.  He will be missed by all, but especially his wife and girls.  Prayer warriors- change gears- Pray heavenly comfort over this family.  por favor

I am going to leave you with a parting though I got from one of those "shepherds"  I spoke about.  It said.  In suffering we should not ask why but to what purpose.  So what has God has ordained my purpose to be in all of this- may it be fulfilled.  At the end of the day.  I will choose to be purposeful and not question.  

Bring it on!

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