Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ritzy Wigs

So chemo will start on the 13th now.  I know, I know that is Friday the 13th. it is a good thing I believe in a sovereign God and am not very superstitious.  Otherwise. I would be freaking out.  Let me catch everyone up. Monday, good day at school- so was Tuesday.  I must take a little time to brag on the student body at Master's Academy.  I said it before and I will continue to have faith in our future because of the quality kids I teach. They laugh with me, allow me to share myself with them and lift my spirits everyday.  I am continually encouraged by them.  Sweet encouraging notes and gifts, a sixth sense to when I am hurting and a willingness to help.  They do this not because they have to but because the want to.  I am so blessed and humbled by them.  Thank you guys for being willing to walk this road with me.  I have posted a little example of the goodness.  I took two of them with me to try on wigs today and the result was this:

You guys should vote as well.

Bumps:  I went on-line when I was feeling a lot more pain than I though I should.  MISTAKE.  I have now self diagnosed myself with 10 other ailments and have convinced myself that I will have a numb, 20 pound arm with pins and needles rushing from my fingertips to my triceps for the rest of my life.

Battles:  Anxiety slips into my subconscious and creeps into my day.  It is a constant prayer battle that I must fight.  I know that when the body is weak, tired, and in pain your mind starts doing condemning things.  I must rest, rest , rest in God's healing.  

I have a friend.  I don't know who it is but, my birthday is going to be great!  Someone, has given my address to friends, and friends of friends and I have been getting birthday cards (even a starbucks card).   I don't know who you are but you bless me in a ridiculous undeserving way.  
2 weeks of meals was what was on the "meal tree", So why am I still getting meals..delicious ones.
Heart shaped pillows- this things are wonderful.  since I don't want any pressure on my side and arm, this little accessories fit right in the arm pit and take all the pressure off.  
Steak!  I was meant to be a carnivore.  Johnathan, you rock for suggesting that last night!

So, to close- 
Have I mentioned that Easter is my favorite.  Although the immensity of this fight is just beginning and I feel overwhelmed at times I was reminded in chapel today that "Christ was burdened even unto death".  What  a realization that Christ himself cared so much for me that it weighed heavy on His heart- so heavy.  I am only carrying my selfish burden-He carried the burden of every sin, every broken heart, every pain we all would have.  I am left speechless with that thought.  Friday- instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am in a "how to take all your cancer medication appropriately "class, I am going to be humbled by the price my God paid.    I am going to remember that when he turned the vinegar and wine down, called out to the Father and  the moment that the curtain was torn.  I am going to remember that there is a direct line to the most Holy. The ultimate sacrifice was made.  Then I am going to start the count down to Sunday.  That is the day that Satan lost and I was given the option of redemption.  He loves us, oh how he loves us.  I hope you will find a place on Friday night and Sunday morning to worship.

Be good to one another!

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  1. Deuteronomy 31:8 HCSB
    This was my daily devotional verse today; made me think of you.
    You can call upon your Creator in your hour of need and find comfort. God can handle it. And He will.
    xoxo to you & your boys...
    Have a blessed Easter ~