Tuesday, May 29, 2012

almost a week

Well, finals are over and kids are out for the summer.  Not so much for the teachers.  We never stop.  One might think we do, but we really don't.  I have started (and finished). some letters of recommendation for next years seniors, I am beginning to pain my room, and revamping some lessons that did not work so well.  We never stop learning so we can constantly teach an ever changing "learning culture".  How am I doing these things while having cancer.  Well it is simple- they must be done.  Oh and chemo is still on hold while I have an open wound in my chest.  

The wound is shrinking.  It is about 5 inches long, about an inch wide and only 1/2 inch deep now.  The shop vac- has also been on hold because I have had an allergic reaction to a solution to cleanse the skin (yeah).  I have always said.  "Liability clauses were written into things because of me"  You have to laugh at the odds.  JP drain for a month- check; staph infection-check, chemo starts/lose hair - check; start chemo-start hot flashes- check, new surgery-check, stop chemo-check, redo all of the above- priceless.  I get to do everything two time.  I felt like I did so well the first time (note the sarcasm).  Oh well, it is summer so I have time and energy.
That pretty much catches you up on me but oh has so much happened.  Can't wait to get to blessings!

bumps:  patience-still have not learned or refined this skill yet. 
battles:  open wound really does mean that I am walking around in pain. I cannot afford to be taking pain pills all the time- too much to do.  So I have gone back to controlled breathing and distraction (reading, painting, cooking, anything that makes me not think about the fact that I have a piece of gauze over a wound.  Kudos to Taina Glemser today.  She wanted to see it, but not really.  So I showed it to her and she did not pass out.  Great job.

Now my blessings:
I have to tell you the big  one first.  I got a message that one of my students from SFC (California) wanted to skype with me the day before they graduated.  I was so excited that I was going to skype, I could not wait to tell him how proud I was of him.  The next message from him was- there is a group of us that want to pray over you and just lift you up.  Wow- generally it is me praying for them and they want to pray for me- so incredibly humbling.  By now the idea of skyping prayer was crazy.  I was so antsy, truly ecstatic about our "prayer meeting".  So- when they got back from their senior trip- They called, we prayed and I felt so blessed but wait- it gets better. Every year senior students have a project to raise money for their senior gift to the school and as it turns out -as a class they gave me (little ole me) a generous donation to offsets the medical cost.  It was almost to the dollar what we need.  God is amazing.  

Again- I go back to the people doubting our future.  If you could see my students, all of them, you would see that there is a generation of children who see needs and answer.  A generation that listens to God's voice and who will change the future.  Have faith- I see them every day, I pray for them every day and I know that God will do more than I can even imagine, so the future is good.  

To all, and I mean all of my students- Know that I have faith in you!  I see your awesomeness! and I treasure each of you!  You make my life better because I have had the PRIVILEGE of being your teacher.

Other blessings, John had to stay with me this weekend.  He had a few things to do with his classmates (ready for summer), that we did not go to the baseball showcase Steven and Doug went to. He is a lovely companion.  Steven did well at showcase and now the cage is being used a lot more (minus the rain).  

Song of the day- Casting Crowns - Jesus friend of sinners

My prayer:
  Dear Jesus, 
Remind me that I was the wounded woman at the well, and you sat and spoke with me, yo extended grace and love to one that was undeserving.  Please keep me so broken so I can always see that you are good, and your love endures forever, for me as well as every other sinner around me.  You lead me by mercy, allow me to lead by love and mercy as well.

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