Wednesday, May 23, 2012

last day-new beginning

Oh my goodness, tomorrow will be a big day.  It is the last day of finals and the last day of school.  Steven will be a senior (ykes).  I will not be done with treatment until after he graduates.  That should put it into perspective for you guys.  The whole process from diagnosis to reconstruction will be two solid years.  I have trained for a lot of things but nothing prepares you for two years of fight.  I am so grateful that I have been in competitions my whole life.  I am so motivated to get through the next two years so I can do at least 1 half marathon and 1 full.  What I really want to do is the "tough mudder" with Steven and John.  I am very much looking forward to a summer break and I am praying for my energy levels to stay high through out the summer.

Bumps:  wound change day- one would think that it would get easier but no, not at all.  My skin is literally pealing off with the tape.  The wound is healthy but they skin around it- not so much.  The whole saline thing- overrated. On the upside, it is better than alcohol.

Battles: I am really please that my battles are being fought for me.  While having a conversation with a friend today she told me what her "suegra" (mother-in law) would tell her.  "Te lleva por el fuego y al salir ni hueles a humo".  Translated- He will walk with you through the fire and on the other side you will not even smell like smoke.  How true is that statement.  WISDOM- not the same as intelligence.  This is why we are to respect out elders- they have a lot to teach us.

Gifts from coworkers- timely- God's providence never ceases to amaze me.
John is done with school and is looking forward to spending time with friends.
Both boys are equally excited for summer baseball as they are for school athletics.
I can not speak highly enough about my boys.  They may not always bring their dishes to the kitchen, or rush to do chores but they love each other and they both have a "chill" factor that calming.  Both such easy going except when on the field or when there is a W and an L column.  
Wonderful students who still want to skype with me and pray with me.  Still makes me cry!
I cannot stomach pizza.  Talk about a hidden blessing.  

I am blessed, so blessed. 

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