Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just in case you are wondering

I have not been arrested for anything I may have said or done at my last appointment with the surgeon.   Actually, It went really well and so did the appointment with the oncologist.  Chemo, at least two parts of it have been put on hold until the "wound vac" that I endearingly call my shop vac. I have had a really good week.
I still have a hole in my chest that it filled in with a sponge, connected to a vacuum- yeah it is not so pleasant but at least I am not bombarded with chemo drugs so I am healing pretty quickly.  I had enough energy to have the baseball party at the house.  Now don't go thinking that I planned an elaborate 2 hour festivity with speeches and all.  It was more like- I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, watermelon and cupcakes and ice cream.  It was ready when they got here, they ate, played ping pong, xbox, and various games on laptops.  There actually was no entertaining at all. 
Steven got up today and went to baseball, Doug and I went to the farmers market, then to visit my Aunt and then had a lovely lunch at 4rivers. I came home and fell asleep almost immediately and I am not to far from it now.

Bumps during the week:  tired of carrying my shop vac around my waist and sounding like a percolator.
Battle:  The battle never changes really- it always has to do with my so called life always changing.  Some moments you feel really good and then in a moment you don't.

I have spent some really good moments with my boys and with Doug,  I almost feel "normal". 
I have to talk about this one because it is super big.  I was worried about the number of days I had and knew that I was probably going to go in the whole - but God is so good and so perfect that because I was in the hospital for 7 days- my chemo was put on hold.  When I returned to work I had .5 days left, which I took on Friday morning for one treatment of Herceptin-  how about that.  I am always shocked when he gives you the exact thing you need. In this case, the exact number of days that I would need.

I have an amazing family.  So incredibly blessed.

For the record:  wound care- still hurts like the dickens but, I am not to proud to take heavy pain pills before she cleans everything and puts a new sponge in- but it is closing.

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