Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mass media

Anyone who were to walk into my room would think one of two things. 1. Wow, she must be important or 2. She is such a nerd. I am using the laptop to blog, the ipad to watch Steven's and John's regional play off game and my phone to communicate with friends and I am watching ESPN on TV(actually just noise) but every electronic devise is active. Talk about being connected. The funny thing is I am connected as well, since my vacuum sealer needs power. So I quite literally am connected.

 bumps: Cabin Fever, may be i get to go home on Friday. The problem is I can't walk now since I am connected to the wall socket not just my dancing partner who obviously has his own power supply.

 battle: today is pretty hard. Doug stayed with me most of the day but, left to go watch the boy's regional game. These are the games I really want to be in attendance. Every game(for the most part) since they were five- not a big fan of missing the big ones now. The time is coming when there may not be----the next one; as here I sit, alone, in the hospital, reading the game on game changer. Oh how I wish I could be there. 

 Maybe I'll go home on Friday. 
Chai Tea lattes- I can tolerate (STILL NOT COFFEE)
 Despite not being at the game, I do get to read it. Good think I know how to keep a good book. Makes reading game changer a breeze. 
The gaping hole in my chest is smaller. You would have to be able to see to understand how disconcerting it is to look at your chest. I had just gotten used to the no boobs thing- now I am gazing at a big black hole. Good thing I am not squeamishness. I bet some people would pass out for sure, instead- I took pictures-No worries I will not post. I don't hurt, nearly as much as I thought I would.
 I have found that I can order a sandwich and not have to eat the plated food from the hospital- much better. Popsicle everyday- 
I think yest ALL of my papers are graded and recorded. I am all caught up- well I set still at home but the stack is something I can tackle now. 

 These are the moments when this is hard. I am alone and wanting desperately to be somewhere, anywhere else. And I am reading that the boys are losing. I enjoy my space and being alone, but, it is nice to have company as well. I miss my dumb dog. Oh this is not a pity party. Every moment is what you make it, so everyone that comes in gets eye to eye contact and honest conversation. Did I mention an everlasting stream of popsicles. I would not buy them for myself at home so there you go, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and exactly the right time. I will know the purpose of this later...maybe. what I do know is there is a purpose and sometimes silence is good.

 his wounds have paid my ransom!

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