Sunday, June 3, 2012

it all works out!

Well, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 2 (I hope).  Since my phone was accidentally dropped to the floor, I have not received, the remember you have an appointment call, which I totally bank on.  My calender was also on that phone so no luck there either. I sure do hope I don't have anything earlier.

Good weekend- I was productive not to my normal standard but productive non-the-less.  I finished painting my room at school, finished up a few letters of recommendation(still need to tweek), and did my own laundry room. I spent a couple of hours in my favorite store- IKEA.  My laundry room looks like a department store- it is awesome.  Still need to finish up a couple of spots but I am pleased.

Bumps:  no phone- ykes- I am attached but alas I have not started tweeting yet so I guess I will survive.  I guess I should figure out what my land line number is---no, I will have my new phone by 10 tomorrow.

Battles:  Still waiting for the incision site to close.  This has been a very long and tedious journey.  Wound vac is very effective but my skin sure did not like the tape that vacuums everything.  It is more a lesson in self control- I can't lift or move like I normally would so- I have had to learn to adjust how maneuver with a limited left arm. Kind of creepy to think that there is a wide open hole in you at all times.  Every now and then I would glance down my shirt and can see muscle tissue.  That is a good visual for you but it sure is better than feeling like a christmas tree.

I feel good.  I am happy that I got my laundry room detailed now on to another.  Kitchen is done, garage is done, laundry room I guess I will move to my room and the closet.  But that should only take an afternoon at best.
I got a Chris Tomlin Cd from Heather and is on repeat play in the car.  Funny thing is I was getting ready to buy the itunes Cd but never got around to it- again God hears and answers.
I got a sweet message from Lindsey saying she though of me while listening to Jason Mraz- (the song below).  While I am not a big Jason Mraz fan I did particularly like the lyrics to this song.  It really does describe me now- I will not worry my life away, and the comedy of the seriousness is quite ironic.
I spent the day at IKEA and lunch at whole foods with Doug.  It dawned on us on our way home that in three short years it will only be us.

While reading the lyrics to the song below, it made me think about how much time we spend as parents worrying about foolish things.  Are my kids grades high enough, will they get into the "right college", have I exposed them to enough, have I exposed them to too much.  I have always pushed my kids to do thier best and am generally not satisfied if that goal is not achieved.  But, I have also come to realize that the right opportunities always present themselves (you don't need to be pushy), the right door always opens and precisely the right time.  I say this because I am now the mother of a senior boy.  Over the last 12 years I have learned many things-but this is a big one- Strong, fair consistent discipline covered with mercy wins every time.  In my house, we are rooted in scripture and the knowledge that the rules of the house apply to all (including me).  The song reminds me that I don't have to worry- God, is looking out for my children.  His plan is always better than mine.  I won't worry my life away- I cherish everyday with them for soon they will be gone.

Steven, I love you.  John, I love you too!- now do your chores.

Be a blessing to someone.

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