Monday, June 25, 2012

almost half way done with chemo

On Thursday of this week I will be half way through the chemo portion of my "treatment".  I think I have had every obstacle a person could have.  As far as the last infection, we believe we took care of it so no more surgery or hospital stays-yeha!

Doug is with Steven in North Carolina and I miss them.  I wish I could go to GA to watch him play and see so many friends from SFC and friends from college but alas, I will be-busy trying to build up an ever dropping white cell count.

John and I have enjoyed each other's company. Yesterday was an awesome lounge day.  I absolutely love rainy days.  He reads, I read- he plays video games and I watch cooking shows.  yep that about sums it up.

Today I participated in a webinar-yes my kind of learning (kenesthetic, visual, and audio).  Crazy but I need them all.  We will see if I can make the ipad not just a tool in the classroom but essential.  Of course, the learning starts with me.  I also her from my friend and co spanish teacher that AP Spanish Lit can earn you up to 11 credit hours.  That sounds like a lot- can anyone verify.  We both believe that is a lot credits but hey if you score a 5 on Spanish Lit- you deserve every last credit.

here they are the 3 'B" s

bumps:  I just realized that I will not be done with chemo by the time school starts.

battles: My skin does not like tape, plastic covers, gauze, or anything that stays on it for more than a few hours (allergic reaction = antibiotics)
I miss my big boys.  Even though when they are here it still is quiet in the house.

blessing:  My parents will be here tomorrow.  Rainy days. clean bill of health going into 3rd chemo round,  I had the best peach for breakfast today.  Great devotionals each morning.  I have had some really good AHA moments reminding me that He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.

Just a quick check in---sermon coming.


  1. Loving you in prayer--praying for many AHA moments--hoping you have more "oh wow! thank you" times.

  2. Will bring it to completion... AMEN! Hugs, friend!