Monday, February 20, 2012

Ok so today was actually not bad at all.  It was just boring.  Let's break it down.

     My bumps today.  Aside from the fact that my kids thought it was funny to see moms refux system kick in while trying to drink the barium was OK.  I don't know why they call it a "berry flavored smoothie"  That implies that it will actually taste like berries, no, not so much imagine - aluminum foil in liquid form- now we are close.  May I suggest a Margarita flavor- heck just give me a shot of cheap tequila (or 10) and  it would be better.  OH and that giant magnetic tube that takes pictures of your insides- creepy/
     My battles today- Well aside from the fact that I have watched Cirque de Solei's "La Nouba" 5 times, might I suggest another DVD.  Unfortunately, I have not watched it chronologically in its entirety.  The whole patience thing might be an issue for me.  Folks, it is a CT Scan- 100% computerized.  Does it really take 48 hours to get to my doctor-you are pushing the send button.  AH--I just want to know how we are going to fight this.  What is our course..I am ready to go  I have a lot of blessings today:
1.  A brilliant nurse has painted a target sign in the base of the MRI machine.  It is classic- while my boobs are hanging letting gravity do its thing,  there is a target sign where my "central parts" are supposed to point.  It was cold enough for them to be pointing.  Whom ever she is- she deserves a raise
2..As I am laying there motionless- I think- OH I love my job.  Can you imagine your job be to reposition boobs all day long-- ewhhhhh.  that is gross!
3. A friend comes to give me a 100% heart felt hug at the baseball game tonight.  You would think that was amazing enough, think again.  She then takes both hands, lays the on my breast and says..we are laying healing hands on our sister.  She did not skip a beat, looked at her husband and said "you too, hands ups, healing hands".  He did not but Missy Mandato- YOU MADE MY DAY!

In all seriousness, the only thing that got me today and made me sad was the though of how much my birthday would suck this year-  how selfish is that.  Satan will steal your joy if you will allow him too.  That is what he does! Good thing I have a savior that already kicked his butt!  This brought to you by:  Jesus-who says.  Where I am you can't be- back off looser.  She is mine!

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  1. Margarita's on me when you've kicked this thing to the curb...xoxo