Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 24. 2012

Hey everyone

Just so everyone is aware.  I feel great.  There were a lot of tears today at school since I told all my students.  I really feel like I have the best job in the world.  I teach- and I do so on a personal level.  So when personal stuff happens the students respond personally.  I am so blessed by them.  I hope they are aware of the fact that they make my job fantastic.  I am praying for them, this is going to be tough on them.  Some of them more than others since they have or all experiencing this at the same time. 
There are no bumps to deal with today.  I am still waiting for an appointment with the surgeon, I should hear from them tomorrow and from there oncology and who knows from there.  
The battles: well the battle is still the same- how long does it take to schedule and appointment. Everyone know my issues with lack-o-patience.  I have a feeling a am going to be a horrible patient since I am lacking in the root word. 
 Oh but the blessings my friends, the blessings- there were so many.  Every class was receptive encouraging and loving.  These kids are strong.  So many people worry about the next generations but I see the kids at my schools (SFC and Master's) and I am not worried.  They are strong!  They pray, think and love deeply.  I am humbled.
The ladies in the office....yes.   You can never go wrong with chips and salsa.  They knew the day would be rough and emotionally draining and lo chips and salsa.  I did wait until I got home because I was selfish and did not share.  Zach Lowe-  you bought me a cookie!  I realize that makes me seem easy and yes it would appear that way.  difficult time- chips salsa and a beverage of choice.  difficult day- a cookie, emotional day deserves a cheesy chicken pot pie.  Does anyone else think I may be emotionally feeding myself.  Actually it is much more simple than that- I figure I am getting new boobs, perky ones that will be in the right spot.  I get other work done for free now too so why not enjoy myself while I can.  Pretty sure that if I could work in brazilian butt lift- I would.  And there you have it:  The price one will go to for a upgrade.   Sad isn't it.  

God is good folks- don't get in the way of the blessings he sends you.  Whether it is a cookie, chips or peace.  It doesn't matter.  They are blessings given to us to remind us that He reigns supreme!  So many times we want the big miracle(in my case healing) but He sends them all the time we just miss them.  I got a cookie and chips and they made me feel loved.  That is a miracle!  An old friend calls you "Dear "and you know you are loved.  One word can change your perspective- miracle. Having people think you are special enough to pray for- yep you got it- miracle.   Be mindful not to miss yours today,

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  1. Thanks for reminding me not miss my blessings today - like talking to Taylor. he's good for my soul! Daily prayers for you.