Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Pink Bows Feb 24

Greeting all.

I hope all of you have had such a wonderful day.  The weekend is coming and that means one thing for me.   LAUNDRY.  Actually this weekend I plan on, no I must, do the floors.  I keep telling myself that I have to polish these things but, everything else seems to be more important, but I can't stand it anymore so it will be done.  The goal is to do it before anyone gets up.  Then as my boys drag their lazy butts out of bed at the break of 12:00; They will say "wow mom you are so awesome, you did this for us, we are the luckiest boys around". Oh wait reality just set it- they will get up and mumble in a somewhat audible tone "istherefreshcoffee?".  

So let me give you my b's for the day

My bumps- I was summoned to the Dr. office today for blood  work.  What should have been a 15 minute prick ended up being a 45 minute wait for a 2 minute test.  All for the insurance company to say oh,,we are so sorry we gambled on you not getting cancer.  Does it really take a braca test for you to figure out that cancer runs strong in both sides of my family and that I am predisposed?    But now that you do have cancer we are going to nickle and dime that deductible out of you before we have to pay out the ying-yang.  The whole thing is messed up.

My battle: Inefficiency! I feel like my time is being stolen from me.  45 minutes for a simple blood draw, 30 minutes to pic up films and pathology, 45 minutes to get it to the surgeons (that only because roads were closed due to the all star festivities taking place in Orlando).  I feel like I have such little time to give to begin with and and it is being stolen.   If I can Skype a lesson to students, along with pdf' graffic organizers and even include an opportunity to quiz, you would think that someone with the tittle DR. or a special litany of letters behind their name (MD ONC LESURG) could scan and send.  That is it!  I have solved that medical system issues.  Hire only people with compulsive disorders to be office managers, and  actually hire people!  If you would like to make and appointment -please select 1.  My other pet peeve- if you schedule me at 11:15 for an appointment- honor it!  If you wanted me to move from waiting room (wait 15 minutes) then triage (blood pressure rising), to the waiting room (always painted in a sterile color), to the lab.  Why not just say.  We will start you appointment at 11:15 but you won't actually have anything done for 40 minutes.  Seriously folks, the lines at Universal's Harry Potter are shorter-  and dare I say it--more FUN.   The bonus is that I did not get felt up today.

My blessings:  I could go on forever- again.  I am surrounded by so much love any support.  The girls LAX team wore pink bows in their hair for me.  That would have been tough for me as a HS girl.  I did NOT do bows and lets just say that pink is NOT my signature color.  I am appreciating God's sarcasm.  He is wrote me a note that said - remember all those time you made fun of the pink bow- heads- yeah this is how I do Karma".  I have a wonderful friend that covered my class today so I wouldn't have to take time off.  Kelly, gracias, mil veces ,gracias.  Chocolate para ti el lunes.  I did have a wonderful nap this afternoon and was not interupted.  It was truly heavenly.

Now the serious:  Before my nap today, I realized how much I love to be alone.  It is in that solitude that answers are clear, I feel very connected to God and in a safe, safe place.  It is where I rest, and where I find my strength.  My soul is quieted and I am at peace.  What I love the most about "this place" is that I can carry it with me always.  It doesn't matter how noisy the day is quiet in my soul.  Have you found your "quiet place"?  

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