Sunday, February 26, 2012

    It was a good day.  Sunday's generally are. It was an overcast day and there was a chill in the air.  I did not feel well so I went to church via Roku.  Kind of sorry I did because one of the praise songs was my favorite but it was good.  I really just sat around all day. I am storing up my energy..ya no..I was just lazy, anything other excuse would be a  bold faced lie.  I guess that is why the call it the "sabbath".  Funny how it works like that.
    I am ready for the week.  We will talk tomorrow because  right nowI am going to take a little blue narcotic called ambien so I can sleep the entire night through.  I promise I will not text or tweet becasue 15 minutes after I take this chemical confection due to the fact that nothing rational will leave my lips.   

Good night moon

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