Monday, July 16, 2012

Well, I am at a baseball tournament. I am grateful that it is early because it is going to be a hot one today. We have two games today and we also get to see Nolan Gannon today play some rookie ball. It is going to be a good day. but, let's talk about yesterday. we had a three hour drive with maybe 100 words spoken. we had. A brief conversation about a huge confederate flag that was waving. I will refrain from anything negative. if I want to put up a huge cross in my yard, that means you have the right to put up your confederate flag. the baseball game was in the sun, hot, humid raining weather. Yeah! I am still realizing that really nothing changes in baseball. the boys just get older, the equipment gets more expensive,the mamas in the stands [generally complaining], and the dad are generally antisocial pacing. I think it is kind of funny. it is elite travelball. Our opinions don't matter nor do stas sometimes. most kids play one game sit the next, regardless. No it is not fair, not even good coaching in my eyes, but it is what it is. you guys know me- if there is a W and an L column I am aiming for the W colum. i am competitive but we all know that these organizations are not about that- somehow the almighty dollar has taken over. The necessary evil's of today's sport. I feel quilty sometimes. I feel like I(like many other parents) are doing nothing more than pimping their kids talent out to the highest bidder. The sad part is that because ther is so much pressure, the love of the game gets lost. Alright, that was my "complaint session since my kid is on the bench with a .417 batting average,an OBP of .600+ and top 5 on the team in RBI's. On to the cancer thing. Wigs are hot, stinking hot. So are scarves and bandanas. this afternoon I may be bald. Men have it easy. Perhaps, I will spot the bald look for women this afternoon. In the OMGosh category, High heat and chemo- not a good mix. I really do like to soak up the sun, but like a lizard. once I get my vitamin D supply, air conditioners are good, very good. So on the way to the game today, I was listening the the radio and they were joking about how many of us drive around town with our check engine light on. it made me think about how many of us walk through life with our "check yourself" light on. Meaning, we know there are things we need to address, but we are OK so we keep going without seeing a mechanic. as a Christian, I am blessed that my mechanic works 24/7 and sent me a specialist to live in me to remind me to "check myself" regularly. I know I have ignored that check engine signal in my car and it has been an something as insignificant as a gas cap off or as serious a oil issues. that is what the Holy Spirit does for us, He reminds us to pay attention. Bumps: The smell of bacon sent my nausea sensor of. god does have a sense of humor. first coffee now bacon, really. Battles: heat and hot flashes Blessings: I GET TO WATCH SOME BASEBALL. See you soon

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