Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not a moment spent

As I sit in my sterile chair, I watch.
     Today I get to be in a pod room.  I like them much better.  There are four people in my pod, along with a nurse (Stephanie), a tech that comes by every few minutes or so to make sure we are all comfortable, and of course the extras (spouses and friend who come to be companions) and I love pods.  They are busy.  Much like an ant farm. Everyone moves quickly with purpose.  Those of us being infused- are like the queen.  We just sit and based on our needs everyone scrambles.  Stephanie, is constantly, checking, changing medications (I alone have 9 that must be changed in one infusion), running to get those, imputing into the computer, calling our physicians and answering our questions.  The techs, bring us drinks, snacks, blankets, pillows,chat and run errands for Stephanie because she can't do it all.  Today, Yolanda, was helping me with creole phrases- I am feeling a need to go to Haiti when this is over.  And the extras, love us and their presence alone (for some) is soothing. I particularly like to watch the ones that bicker at each other.  Even though most of them just watch us nap.  At about 10 O'clock the chaplains and counselors start to come by and at 10:30 the cookie lady makes her stops.  She gets here at 6AM makes the cookies and comes up to deliver.  She is a volunteer (actually there are 5 of them), but they are all retired survivors that want to make this day easier for us.  Impressive right, I know.  They have local artist that come in an do the same thing- something to make the time go by and I can attest that is relieves stress (in my case due to boredom).  Then I look through the glass window and see this exact thing happening in 8 different pods and 20 private rooms.  So incredibly effective.  It is amazing how incredible it is to see how efficiently things run when everyone knows their role and does them.
     I am aware of the fact the behind the picture may not be so rosy.  The scheduling nurse needs to make sure shifts are covered and that can't be easy and no not everyone can have the 4th of July off, but not once, have I seen any visible evidence of that on the floor.  In my book, that is efficient management.  Everyone has a role.  Wouldn't it be nice if life played out like that, in our homes, in our jobs and especially in our churches?
     Three of my friends commented today of facebook about joyfulness.  Whether it be the lack of or the presence of, that sense of joyfulness  is something we all strive to have. This is when I am reminded the being joyful does not necessarily mean happy and smiley all the time.  It is the feeling of contentment. It is half full instead of half empty.  I personally can only find this when my relationship with Christ is where it should be.  I find it when I check my "engine light" (see previous post) and know that I am walking rightly with God.  It is that relationship that says TRUST ME- I am faithful, I am true, I am with you always and you are important to me.  Life is hard, sometimes for a long time but knowing that my mechanic feels that way gives me contentment.  The joy of the Lord is my strength. 

Bumps:  The trip back for Fort Myers was difficult.  Let's just say that my car was very cold and I had lots of coffee.  Then the unfairness of it- Doug gets to see the good games with beautiful sunny days while I sat for two days in the rain, and rain delays.  I must say though that the rain delay against the team from Michigan was very entertaining.  We had human jousting, hunting, bowling, rowing and project runway walks. 

Battles:  The length of treatment  is wearing on me.  And I am feeling a little anxious about starting school.  Not because I have academic stuff to do, but because the first three weeks of the school year are always hectic and I will have my last two treatments in those weeks.  It makes me nervous.  One day at a time right?

Blessings:  More students visits.  I got to finally see Steven play and he was so very kind to ride out to the beach with me one afternoon, just to see the sunset.  I know he was tired and did not really want to go but, he did with a great attitude.  I am blessed to have great kids.  I have friends that pray.  And, I am so blessed to know that I am content! 

For those of you following and praying to ask you to add a few to your list.  A student of mine is having some extensive testing today to try to figure out why she is having seizures.  And Master's Academy has a mission trip heading to Costa Rica today.

Thank you all for reading to my banter

bon dieu beni


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